The towering blocks are not there,

When I turn my back you're not there,

I've never seen you before you're not there.

So easy to hide, by the block

In 1972.

No lens to see on the walkway

In the shivering blocks

Thin blanket blocks

Robbing future blocks.

The miners' strike is on the wooden T.V.

4 by 3 you never saw me.

The towering blocks your face

Under the shadow of cake

That's your block

You're not there.

A towering block transmitting grey,

Open to the winds of dish.

The crippling dish,

Famous as a dish.

Polaris and Cod Wars

Make me 19, a shopping machine

N n nineteen, a stabbing machine

I'm having a tattoo,

I'm having a baby tattoo.

Just one more,

Up in the air baby

To eat your cake and sleep,

In towering blocks.



Dig your Garden

Dig your garden...up


Because you want to bury it.


Dig your idol up

Make the idol up

See through the idol eyes

Of dangerous plastic

Dangerous plastic

Dangerous plastic idol eyes


Dig your garden up

Dig, because you you haven't got a clue

What it means for you, and how deep you bury  it

And what you can do about

Dangerous plastic

Dangerous plastic idol eyes


Its all over your cloths

Washed into your hair

Beaten into you

Gone off to war for you

In towns of despair

With the diamonds you wear.

You've got nothing to declare.

At the scientific burial.





There's nothing to keep




There's nothing to keep you asleep.


Dig your garden up


Because you want to bury it


There's nothing you can keep.

The riot police are in your back garden

Digging your garden up


Let go, with all of your emotion

For the body you can never keep.

In your back garden.



Give Me Bass

Give me Bass,

Bass and perishable metal.

A good neighbour I want...

good neighbour of want.

Bring me and let the truth command


base not perishable,

Just like yours.

I and I need base.

We need a base.


We need be root.

Not base and perishable.

Buzzing In the nose,

Bass to flap our cloths.



Tet in the year of the monkey

That's when your birth was set.

Set in Tet.


The Perfume river is the Ravensbourne.

Blackheath is on the Mekong delta,

And all the babies are on their fathers'  knees.

While missile launchers grind the Columbian beans, Navy Marines.

That's the truth of it, the truth of Set in Tet.


A stuffed monkey ambassador with cereal paws,

Is dropped behind the Arga range.

To fight for the right to cook up a story.


The plague heath is ploughed by tanks.

Estate Agents swear by their  guarantee,

That nothing shall prevent the prams from pushing through to Saigon.

We're ready to lunch.