Pete Karkut and Maggie Turner are the core members of the band 'Leven Signs'. 'Leven Signs' were formed in 1984 after Pete Karkut had moved to London and met singer Maggie Turner while he was studying at Ravensbourne College of Art.

In 1985 they produced their album ‘Hemp is Here’ , which was originally released on cassette by Unlikely Records and then on vinyl by Cordellia Records. They performed their early gigs shortly after in the Greenwich and Deptford areas. In the period 1986-88 they performed in Belgium and spain.

For the early gigs they used cassette backing tapes that contained sounds edited on a four-track tape recorder. Pete karkut sang and played a variety of percussion, while Maggie Turner provided vocals. In 1989 they became a trio when bass player and multi-instrumentalist Kay joined. They stopped giging in 1996. After Kay’s death in 2002 Pete Karkut carried on making recordings and videos with self composed soundtracks.

Leven Signs were rediscovered by Brad Rose in 2012. This was nearly three decades after our first and only vinyl album release ‘Hemp is Here’ in 1985. It came about through a random email sent to my Vimeo address where I’d been exhibiting my videos since 2010. Brad in Oaklahoma had a cassette tape copy of ‘Hemp is Here’. Unknown to the band he had been trying to track us down for years. I still have no idea how the cassette ended up in Tulsa after starting out in Felixtowe. Brad finally re-released 'Hemp is Here' in Feb. 2013, resulting in the multitude of positive reviews listed below.

'Hemp is Here'  came 15th in Factmags top 50 re-releases of 2013. Leven Signs are currently working on their second album. They have already produced a collaborative album with Brad Rose called ‘Leven Codex’ and are looking for someone to release it.    can listen here.